About Puxley

Why we are different? Our focus is on the success of your event.

From corporate presentations to Chinese drums, floodlit landscaped gardens and sold-out performances at the Royal Albert Hall – Puxley helps to create show-stopping events to wow your audiences.

Our combination of technical know-how, creative flair and dogged determination has established Puxley as a leading event production and hire company. At the helm is Chris Puxley. He’s been doing this for 14 years, but still has a hand in every single event that we take on.

Partnering with us means that you get access to some of the biggest talent in the industry. The people we trust to deliver are all experts in their field – they’ve worked on the likes of the Olympics opening ceremony and the Queen’s Jubilee at Buckingham Palace. We’ll handpick a team that has the exact skills to deliver your event. So, if you’re commissioning an outdoor concert, we can pull the right team together. Or, if you want people who understand the intricacies of working in a historic building, we know exactly who to call. In fact, we’re a preferred supplier for the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Exeter Cathedral for that very reason.

Home is the beautiful South West of England, but we’re happy to travel. We organise events across the UK, and abroad (Chris is racking up his Airmiles nicely). Our clients range from well-known names, such as The National Trust and Lush cosmetics, to touring productions that hardly anyone’s heard of.  We get a buzz about each and every event, whether it’s a major corporate banking bash in London or a folk festival in Devon.

We thrive on challenging jobs. You want atmospheric lighting in a Scottish castle? Let us at it. You need an event so awe-inspiringly original that it’ll pretty much guarantee your promotion? Excellent.  And we make sure we get the basics right too. After all, if people are struggling to hear, they won’t care how good your speech is.

Puxley provides both our major venues at Sidmouth FolkWeek, having been part of the team for three years now we have a supplier on board who understands our needs and works with us to provide the right solutions. We always strive to move forward each year and they ensure this continual momentum is maintained. Chris listens and works hard to provide us with the specification demanded, a great technical provider with a ‘can do’ attitude.”

John Radford, JR Event Services

When it comes to event production, we want to take the pressure off you, and to do that you need to know we’re the right people for the job. So, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation where we can talk over ideas, budgets and expectations. We’ll even provide biscuits.

Meet our Team

Chris Puxley

Chris Puxley

Managing Director

Chris has a hands-on approach, often acting as lead engineer or production manager on major projects. Drawing from handpicked personnel, he forges brilliant teams - whatever the task. (His contact book makes other event companies salivate.) It’s his name on the box, and he never forgets it.

Craig Wright

Craig Wright

Project Manager

Craig is one of those people who just seem to think of every tiny detail. Some call him finickity, but if you want an event that runs smoothly, where every little detail has been hammered down - Craig is the guy you need. When it comes to the technical side, this man knows his stuff.

Alex Watts

Alex Watts

Hire Manager

You need to know that your equipment won’t let you down on the night, and that’s where Alex comes in. We have some of the best kit in the industry and he makes sure the standard is set so that it stays that way. He also has considerable experience in high profile corporate events.

Kay Walker

Kay Walker

Accounts Administrator

If ‘super organised’ was a gameshow challenge, Kay would be the victor. She really loves her spreadsheets, and has a knack for office management - but her background in costume for theatre, film and TV means she understands the quirks of the entertainment industry.