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Managing off-site noise from festival sites

Managing off-site noise from festival sites

The news that a new festival is coming to your neck of the woods can be greeted with great enthusiasm (if you're a festivalgoer), or great trepidation (if you aren't)! This could even be for the same reason - pounding bass and screaming guitar solos running through until the wee small hours... The savvy festival production team knows that in order ...

Posted / 19 Apr 2016

Communication at Live Events Part One – an In Depth Look

Communication at Live Events Part One – an In Depth Look

Communication - why event management requires a deeper focus

Live events in outdoor settings present a rare combination of challenges. Characterised by large, and often unruly, crowds of people - these events rely on completely temporary infrastructure and support. Local authorities are prone to demanding that events have little to no imp...

Posted / 22 Jan 2016

Gigs and Global Warming

Gigs and Global Warming

Does the live music industry lag behind in low carbon technology?

Scientists from the international community agree undeniably that "Human influence is the dominant cause of global warming". The next century is likely to present the human race with challenges - ones of extreme weather, energy insecurity, and political disquiet. How does ...

Posted / 1 Dec 2015

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