Truss hire and installation, PA Towers, chain hoists, slings, and winch stands

Puxely stocks an extensive selection of industry standard rigging equipment – all perfectly maintained and inspected. We can provide hire customers with truss in a range of sizes and configurations, along with any necessary hoisting equipment for flown installations. Expertly designed and safely installed truss rigs are also available as part of our production solutions.

For production companies or engineers requiring cost-effective rigging for point-source audio or simple light fixture mounting, we hold a selection of winch stands with various ratings. Also available in this range are professional PA towers, which provide cost effective line-array lifting for concerts, festivals, and sporting events. These structures are most often delivered as part of a comprehensive PA hire package, but are also available to production companies or engineers requiring a lifting solution for any AV installation. Contact our hire office for advice on temporary or long term rigging for concerts, festivals, theatre and sporting events.