Chagford Outdoor Projection

As part of a National Lottery funded project, key buildings and monuments were brought to life to tell a ghostly story.

Mary Whyddon was shot on her wedding day on October 11th, 1641 in the Dartmoor village of Chagford. Her true story was the inspiration behind the classic novel ‘Lorna Doone.’

The idea of projecting images from Mary’s life onto the actual house where she lived and the church where she died was the brainchild of Sara Squire – former ICA Films Manager at the Institute of Contemporary Arts – who now lives in Chagford.

The eight minute short was commissioned by Chagford Film Festival and funded by the National Lottery. Crowds of onlookers attending the outdoor event watched Mary’s tragedy unfold, a bright September moon and ragged clouds enhancing the atmosphere as the fatal gunshot echoed across the graveyard.

We supplied architectural lighting, multiple high output projectors and distributed audio – allowing appropriate placement of the soundtrack and effects as the story unfolded.

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