Lush Cosmetics

For many, Lush Cosmetics represents the best of British ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and conscious retailing. They are globally famed for their ethical, high quality cosmetics and toiletries as well as their passionate political activism. Lush is a company like know other; completely lacking middle management of any sort, the board communicates vision, process, and information directly to store managers through quarterly conferences. These conferences, however, are not typical corporate fare. Held in the region of their headquarters – Dorset – these events are organic in nature and packed with entertainment. Founder Mark Constantine prefers to engage with his network of managers with little to no structure, keeping things fresh by interspersing multi-media, both live and pre-recorded, into the event.

Production challenges in Lush world are extreme – but also extremely rewarding. As main contractor, we not only provided technical infrastructure (staging, audio, lighting, and content management) but also responded to on-the-fly changes in program and multimedia. If the founder of Lush cosmetics demands a Youtube video to be cued whilst on stage, and without any pre-arrangement, then you’d better hope your video tech is feeling sharp. Lucky for both Puxley and Lush, he was!

“Thanks for all your work – a fantastic show!”

Mark Constantine, Founder – LUSH

Naturally, Constantine wishes to have his store managers join him on stage and share their experiences. It goes without saying that each of these surprise appearances arrives with a smile and a different device type that requires a main display connection. Our technicians were quick to respond – and we’ve no doubt that our live performance background came into play as we developed and evolved the technical configuration of this concert-conference-phoenomenon as and when was required.

The Lush conferences have proved to bolster the agility that Puxley engineers display under pressure. Backed by industry leading production technology, almost always from our own stock, our specialists can be your creative brain, your insurance policy, or your Mr Fix-it… you decide!

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