Governmental Conferencing in Exeter's Historic RAMM

Commissioned by Sir Stafford Northcote of Pynes, the Royal Albert is a cultural gem at the heart of Exeter that commemorates the death of Prince Albert in 1861. The Prince was a champion of science and technology, and curated the internationally acclaimed World Exhibition of 1851. Northcote, the local MP at the time, wanted to immortalise his friend and leader in a pragmatic and lasting way – and thus the Museum was born.

Puxley is proud to have supplied regular technical support services to the RAMM over the last few years, supplying top-end speaker and display technology to conferencing clients who require an exciting corporate event venue that’s steeped in local and national history. When a certain Government Select Committee required sound reinforcement, we knew that not only quality, but also security, was at stake.

Our production engineers employed the Shure QLX range of microphones, leveraging their wireless security technology to guarantee privacy. The AES256 encryption standard included with these microphones was developed by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is used by governments worldwide for data transmission and security. Further measures included the use of wired networking for conference internet access, and of course a strict pass system for building access.

If your conferencing requirements include state-of-the-art technological security, allow us to step in.