World leaders in Customer Experience Management exhibit at The Okura

An extensive selection of technology and production engineers were dispatched to Amsterdam for the SDL Innovate Expo. SDL are world leaders in Customer Experience Management, offering leading-edge cloud computing that deals in technical translation, CRM, and analytics – with state of the art machine learning build into all their products. Needless to say, the techies amongst us were delighted.

As the appointed audio contractor, the event’s production team required sound reinforcement that reflected SDLs nature as a business. It needed to be the very best equipment available, installed to an unflinchingly high standard, and operated by the best engineers in the business. The resulting PA system installation created a gripping soundscape, catching those in the audience completely off guard. The speakers wanted rapt attention, and they got it.

The keynote speakers each performed with their own style – but all focussed on dynamic, interactive presentations that leant on impactive, incisive audio-visual content. The sheer penetrating intelligence of the keynote delivery induced furore in delegates; the presentations were followed by excited discussions and idea creation. It was a true hotbed of innovation.