Technical production and PA for classical music – Live is what we live for

The technical demands of orchestral music and other classical formats differ greatly from mainstream performance genres. Mixing a full symphony ensemble is a detailed and intricate activity that requires diligence, preparation, and above all musical knowledge. When classical music acts are performing masterpiece works from 19th and 20th century composers, they need assurance that sound reproduction is handled with accuracy, emotion, and professionalism.

Puxley’s core team consists of sound designers and FOH engineers for whom music is a second language. Playing a diverse range of instruments and with a depth of knowledge in the fields of systematic musicology and acoustic science, selecting Puxley as audio contractor means a classical performance is in safe hands. Having produced concert public address systems at illustrious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, the challenging environments that classical music is often performed in are met with aplomb by the Puxley team.

Orchestral ensembles can also present more complex stage engineering needs. When performing in a traditional theatre, a cathedral, or on an outdoor stage, the tiered staging arrangement required may not be installed as standard. As part of a production package, Puxley can design and install staging and podiums to suit all orchestra configurations. Alongside this, we can provide stage lighting and ambient venue lighting, as well as backline hire and support crews for any performance.

Classical music production managers or venue managers with upcoming performances can arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss their individual requirements. Puxley is available to provide multi-date tour support or packages for one-off shows.