Challenging Environments

Engaging creative lighting, sound reinforcement and video installations in challenging spaces such as cathedrals, museums, historic buildings and gardens

Events exist to create experiences. The venue in which an event is held guarantees to impact the perceptions, discussions, and enjoyment of those who attend. In the past, technological limitations have meant that some of the most beautiful, striking, or conspicuous spaces in society simply were not suited to live events. Today, however, concert promoters and the wider experiential industry are taking advantage of cutting edge production tech to design shows and occasions in ambitious venues and spaces. The worlds most prestigious shows often now take place in atypical locations; cathedrals and historic buildings, museums, aircraft carriers, castles, forts, and rooftops.

The characteristics shared by challenging concert environments are manyfold. They may have poor vehicular access, challenging rigging opportunities, legislative hurdles, or most significantly complex architectural and acoustic settings. Puxley is experienced in dealing with the complications arising from demanding acoustics. We relish in creating impactful audio production in challenging spaces – and revel in the fantastic events that result.

You want a stage floating on a lake.
You want to do a gig in a jet plane at 30,000 feet.
You want Lang Lang to play Rhapsody in Blue in the middle of the Sahara.

When everyone tells you, ‘It can’t be done’, call us, or check out our case studies. We’re magicians, and ‘special’ is what we do.