Brand Engagement and Activation

Technical production for consumer engagement and experiential products

As traditional marketing medias decline, service providers, manufacturers, and retailers are constantly seeking new ways to engage with consumers. Particularly in the realms of digital products, achieving a valuable interaction in the real world can be an interesting challenge. Marketing agencies and exhibition designers use a wealth of technology to induce meaningful activation from consumers. Whether exhibiting on the street, at an outdoor event, or in an exhibition centre, Puxley can provide creativity-orientated technical services that achieve your marketing goals:

  • Intelligent audio design that suits challenging spaces (just try us…)
  • Complementary lighting and special effects
  • Integration with, or conception of, interactive technological consumer activations

Puxley welcomes enquiries from marketing agencies seeking to subcontract the technical aspects of publicity stunts and exhibitions, as well as companies or organisations looking to directly engage a main creative or technical contractor.