Product Launches

Audio-visual design services for product launches, including LED screen hire, intelligent lighting, and PA systems.

Effective product launches can make or break the early stages of a product lifecycle. Marketing agencies and consumer product developers use launch events as an opportunity to not only celebrate the successful design process, but also to create hype and media engagement. A launch event may have one or more objectives – looking either to attract press or create visual content for social media or traditional marketing

Both of these objectives require underlying technical services in order to succeed. Many dramatic ‘reveals’ demand an incisive audio-visual introduction, with venue-encompassing sound and special effects. Others require a subtle touch, with crystal clear yet low-key audio for keynote speeches or ambient venue lighting that draws gazes to the launch event’s centre piece. As part of a purely technical package, or an all encompassing launch event solution, Puxley can provide the following:

  • Audio design and production that complements the nature of your product
  • Lighting and SFX design that marries with the tone and style of the event
  • Live or recorded video production including projection or large format display
  • Coordination with marketing agencies/departments to achieve aesthetic goals through the use of technology
  • Collaboration with external videographers, photographers, or press to achieve PR and advertising goals through the use of technology.

Puxley welcomes enquiries from marketing agencies seeking to subcontract the technical aspects of publicity stunts and exhibitions, as well as companies or organisations looking to directly engage a main creative/technological contractor with product launch plans and ideas included.